Therapy for those looking to heal from relationship trauma.


+ Do you want to have better relationships?

+ Are you wondering why all your relationships end the same way?

+Have you had a traumatic experience in a relationship?

+ Do you find yourself thinking an ex and aren’t sure why?

+ Do you feel “haunted” by a past relationship?

+ Is an ex taking up a lot of space in your mind?

And now you want to be a better partner and have happier, healthier relationships.

Maybe you’re going through a break up and aren’t sure why you’re feeling stuck and not able to move on.

Maybe you’re sick of having the same things happen in your relationships that leave you feeling confused, upset, and full of self doubt.

Maybe you’ve realized that what you thought was “normal” in relationships has not been good for you.

Maybe you’ve tried to change your partner and the problems are still there.

It can be hard navigating relationships and the dating world. Sometimes we need help figuring out what’s not working and how to make things better. And there is no shame in that. Sometimes we need help sorting through what we are feeling and learn what it is that’s making it difficult.

I help those who are wanting to let go of past relationships and move on to better things.

Interested in scheduling a session?

If you would like to talk before committing to a therapy session, I offer a free 15-minute consultation. This will allow us to talk about what you are looking for in a therapist and we can see if we are a good fit.

What to expect during the phone consultation:

+ I will describe my therapy style

+ We will discuss fees and insurance coverage

+ You can share what issues you are wanting to address in therapy

+ We will decide together if we’re a good fit

+ If we are, we can schedule our first session

+ If not, I can provide referrals to other therapists who might be a good fit for you

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